A new approach to Emerging Market solutions for Governments and the Private Sector

Aya Technologies AG is a specialist technology company primarily focused on the development of electronic payment systems. The company provides bespoke solutions for data collection, monitoring and management decision making. More recently, financial-inclusion services for the unbanked/under-banked have become a new area of focus. All  our services and products are designed to meet the special requirements of difficult market environments with limited telecommunications and challenging power infrastructure. Aya works through its subsidiary companies in the various African countries.

Our unique payment platform, Payall, brings together banks - including Rural Banks and Micro Finance companies - and other third party payment points to create an extensive payment network that supports bill payments, government tax & non-tax payments, government to person payments (G2P), money transfer (P2P), agency banking and savings products via Payall Wallet and eCommerce.

The company's specific services enable us to work with the Government of Ghana through the World Bank on Ghana's E-Payment Platform (via NITA - the National Information Technology Agency), Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning, for monitoring non-tax revenue in Ghana and a UNICEF and Government of Ghana project called Livelihoods Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) which is about payments made by government to individuals (G2P) under the "national social protection programme".

These deployments in addition to our private sector services give us the rare opportunity and experience to roll out these services to all African countries and other emerging markets with similar needs.